I have not stopped moving.   Zumba Fitness was the gateway for me into other areas of fitness. I have obtained certifications in personal training from the American College of Sports Medicine along with health coaching, fitness nutrition, and weight management certification through the American Council on Exercise. All of the certifications that I have obtained serve two purposes: to deepen my knowledge base and to be the catalyst for change in another person’s life.



My goal is to motivate and educate you so that your life will be positively impacted and so that you, too, will be inspired to be the catalyst for change in someone else’s life.



There are many things to tell you about me, but what truly is important and rings true time and time again, though, is that I am a lover of learning and am inspired to be able to share my knowledge and passion for health and fitness with you.


I began to take my health and well-being more seriously in 2011, but not because of any particular medical scare. I began to take it more seriously because I decided that I was important enough. It was really just that simple. I committed to making a change. I had experienced bouts of inactivity in my adult years, but it wasn’t until my first Zumba Fitness class that I became excited about movement (exercise). I was so pleased with how I felt in mind and body that I became an instructor the following year. From that point forward, I invested both in my well-being and my education.



Certified Health Coach, American Council on Exercise
Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine
Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine/American Cancer Society
Fitness Nutrition Specialist, American Council on Exercise
Weight Management Specialist, American Council on Exercise
Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor
Tabata Bootcamp Instructor
Balletone Instructor


I’m glad you stopped by!