L.E.A.P. Wellness Perspectives

Receive the wellness perspectives of experts in their fields.  Learn what their approaches are and learn how they have infused wellness concepts into their businesses and professions and also into their personal journey.

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LWP Episode 06

Cheryl shows how creating a goal and setting it into motion can be as easy as your morning cup of coffee (or tea).

For additional help and guidance, visit: www.cherylquintero.com/coaching

LWP Episode 04

Find and create the time that you need to add healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine.


LWP Episode 02

Ready to create momentum in your healthy lifestyle journey?  Focus on these three areas.

Podcast resource download link: 3 Ingredient Guide

LWP Episode 03

Feeling stuck in your quest for a healthier lifestyle?  Use these three approaches to begin to move towards your wellness vision.

Episode resource link: Getting Started Toolkit



Hear the unique perspective of Nicole Walters, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer at www.nicolewalters.tv, on how she has successfully improved her health and wellness while balancing a successful business and her family.


Learn how Delania Barbee, Founder of Drive Your Journey incorporates emotional and spiritual health and wellness into her business.

Delania is a lawyer with a passion for business. After graduating from law school, she spent time in the Corporate Law Department of a Fortune 500 financial institution.

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Learn how Aymanie Nelson, CEO and Founder of Roc Your Locs, LLC infuses health and wellness concepts into her business to enhance her clients’ experiences.  Aymanie also shares some of her tried and true techniques and strategies on caring for your hair throughout your wellness journey.  You can find Aymanie at www.rocyourlocs.com

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